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The success of a mobility platform is ultimately determined by its users. Consequently, the users are our main focus at every step of the value chain.

Viadi Mobility Services is dedicated to finding solutions that are easy to understand and deliver high value to the user. We help you turn your customer needs into an innovative and creative mobile solution, so the users have everything they need at their fingertips.

User Experience & Algorithms

We meet our high standards for a mobility platform with a focused specialization on user experience and corresponding optimization of the underlying algorithms.

Viadi Touch-Timetable

The award-winning Viadi Touch-Timetable user interface is quick and intuitive, and has revolutionized looking up transport connections​. The simple swiping gesture to initiate a search and the personalization based on favorites and intelligent suggestions make the Viadi Touch-Timetable the modern entry point to the world of mobility.

Viadi Mobility Platform

With the Viadi Mobility Platform, at the heart of which is the Viadi Routing-Service, we offer a highly performant, light weight, and extremely quick tool for mobility planning. We are ahead of other systems due to our clear focus on the user when providing information to clients in a Mobile-First setting.

In Use

The Viadi Mobility Platform, the Touch-Timetable, or the Routing-Service are used all around the world - in production, as prototypes, or in research projects


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The most recent innovations can be found in the free Viadi Touch-Timetable app. The user experience and the underlying algorithm are part of the Viadi Mobility Platform.


Viadi Routing-Service

The routing service in the Viadi Mobility Platform finds connections in the Swiss public transport network. Get your trial access today.

More information

SBB Mobile

The most used Swiss App relies on the Viadi Touch-Timetable.


Viadi Timetable-Bot

The Viadi Timetable-Bot is a further example for an innovative application of the Viadi product range. Try the lighting fast timetable request for the web!

Viadi Mobility Services is an initiative of Ubique Innovation AG.